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US House Members Call for Epinephrine Auto-Injectors to be Mandated on...

Auto-injectors aboard flights would help safeguard allergic travelers.
Southwest Airlines

Physician Urges FAA to Change Epinephrine Auto-Injector Policy After Mid-Flight Anaphylactic...

Tragedy was averted thanks to another physician onboard.
The Fisher Family on a Previous Vacation

You be the Judge: Should Family Fly to Disney Given Airline...

Family stands to lose $23K. What would you do?
Anxious Traveler

1-in-3 Air Travelers with Food Allergies Choose Not to Disclose Fact...

98% reported increased anxiety while traveling due to food allergies.
Dr Abbie Tomlinson

Woman with Peanut Allergy Forced to Sign Waiver Releasing Airline from...

"In 2022 I should not be discriminated for having a medical problem I was born with."
The Dervish Family

Turkish Airlines Boots Family from Flight Due to Daughter’s Peanut Allergy

Airline provided no assistance to family after deboarding.
Brodie Chapman

Man Served Nuts by Airline Three Times in One Week Despite...

"I was in tears because no one seemed to be taking my condition seriously."
Sophie Draper

Woman Booted From Flight Because American Airlines Refused to Accommodate Her...

American staff said the airline was "contractually obliged to serve hot mixed nuts in first and business classes".