Man Served Nuts by Airline Three Times in One Week Despite Warning of Life-Threatening Allergy


19-year-old Brodie Chapman did his best to warn British Airways of his severe allergy to tree nuts. His travel agent informed the airline when booking his tickets and Chapman was diligent in notifying staff upon boarding.

That didn’t stop the cabin staff from carelessly serving him the very allergen that could have killed him mid-flight.

Before his flight from London to Vancouver, Chapman told the cabin staff about his allergy but was served a bag of cashews before takeoff and a walnut cake during his flight.

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On his return flight, he was forced to administer his epinephrine auto-injector in mid-air when he suffered a reaction to fruit served atop of a bed of nut-filled granola.

Said Chapman:

I was in tears because no one seemed to be taking my condition seriously.

It was terrifying. I kept telling staff I was allergic to nuts, yet they kept giving me them. If I’d eaten them, I would be dead.

British Airways said it had contacted Chapman to apologize and to discuss how to compensate him for the ordeal.

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Tanya Ednan-Laperouse, founder of the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation, said Chapman’s experience was a “terrifying insight into the world of an allergy sufferer on a plane,” and added: “When you are trapped 36,000 feet up and having a serious allergic reaction, that plane is potentially your coffin.”

Ms Ednan-Laperouse is the mother of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who perished from an anaphylactic reaction she suffered while on a British Airways flight to Nice. While onboard, she ate a sandwich purchased from a Pret A Manger shop at Heathrow that contained unlabeled sesame.

While it is certainly inconvenient, we at urge those coping with food allergies to consider bringing their own food aboard and avoiding food served during the flight. The cabin crew may not be well-versed in accommodating passengers at risk and there is no way to determine whether a dish came in contact with an allergen of concern during preparation.

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Needless to say, always take two epinephrine auto-injectors along on every flight and have them on hand in the cabin in case the unthinkable happens and you suffer a reaction in-flight.

Have you ever been served your allergen of concern on a flight after warning the airline and cabin crew of your food allergy? Sound off below.

What We Hope to Learn from the Natasha Ednan-Laperouse Inquest
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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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  1. We need to pass a law to stop airlines from serving nuts. The airlines are extremely irresponsible. I thought they were just ignorant, but it is clear the airlines don’t care unless it costs them. Lets change the law and take the authority out of the hands of the airlines.

  2. American Airiines serves warmed mix nuts in first class. I was assured it was in first class only. But the very thought made me so paranoid the entire flights. Then on the flight home at night, a group of college kids traveling all day brought on so much trail mix and nuts, I again just crossed our fingers and kept the air blowing on us, and kept masks on. I do not dare fly over 3 hour flights. And heaven forbid they run late. How can we bring enough food? We cannot bring ice or ice packs through security. Traveling is just a starving day for me usually. I wish we could make meaningful changes. But I fear since Covid we’ve only moved backwards with these issues due to supply chain issues and staffing issues.

    • We may not have ‘healthy’ choices, but we’re able to our strength up by bringing enough snacks to last a day of flying from 10am-midnight. Snacks included 2.9 oz can of Frito lay bean dip (safe for our allergies) and corn chips were satisfying feeling like it was kinda like Neal food while on a layover, jerky for protein, some chips, dried fruit, a couple energy bars. It wasn’t ideal, but no need to starve!

  3. Maybe British air should get him a tutor to read cashew on the bag!! Also bring your own snacks!!!

    • These products aren’t packaged, so maybe you should get your own tutor. Another problem is that other people are opening packes of nut products near them. Some people have the airborne form of the allergen.

  4. My son is Ana to milk and after a restaurant messed up and we almost lost him, he has severe PTSD and will never eat out again. So while I agree not to trust anyone and bring your own food, THE STAFF MUST EITHER BE LIVING UNDER A ROCK IF THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND FOOD ALLERGIES OR THEY SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID!

  5. Alerted American Airlines to my nut Allergy in advance. Reminded the agents at check in and before boarding. After being seated on the plane, I noticed to my dismay that the entire first class was covered with nuts, floor seats,etc… as if it had t been cleaned in many flights. I alerted my steward of my nut allergy and was treated disrespectfully. I washed everything in my area with wipes as best as I could. The steward had the audacity to offer me nuts later, and laughed when he wanted to give them to my husband. The whole experience was terrifying. If I hadnt been in shock about my treatment, I would have disembarked immediately before the plane left the ground! I alerted American Airlines about my treatment, but they did not respond. This flight was right after a flight on Delta where the entire airplane was alerted that a nut allergy passenger was on board and not to eat any nuts during the flight. What a contrast! I will NEVER fly American Airlines again!

  6. I was going on a flight so I notified the airline of my nut allergy (airborne & ingested) and they said they serve pretzels as Snacks so not to worry. However, Mid flight when the snacks were handed out it was a pack of nuts. I told the flight attendant and she said oh well and then offered the nuts to my two seat mates. They were appalled and told the attendant she was crazy and asked if she didn’t hear that I was allergic. They refused the snack. I offered them nut free snacks that I carried with me.
    Needless to say I sat the rest of the flight with my sweatshirt over my nose and my
    Nerves in high alert Hoping I would have a reaction.


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