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Jasmine Steinwand and Brutus

Allergy Service Dog Helps Woman Graduate College and Receives Award

How many dogs do you know have attended college and received an award?

School District Agrees to Pay $130,000 Settlement for Barring Peanut-Detecting Service...

The boy had previously suffered a coma from airborne exposure to peanuts.
Good Morning America Segment

See GMA Segment About Boy Who Survived 5-Day Coma and His...

Good Morning America kicked off Food Allergy Awareness Week with a segment to raise awareness.
Addy and Koda

Community Raises Money to Gift Service Dog to Girl with Severe...

Koda's exceptional sense of smell combined with her training allows her to find even trace amounts of peanut dust.

$17K Allergy Service Dog Can't Identify Peanuts

A video clearly shows the dog wandering past bins of nuts without pausing and failing to warn his owner after directly sniffing a bag of peanuts.