Tag: Targeted Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy within the Skin (TASIS)

Moonlight Therapeutics Microneedle Patch

Study Finds Microneedle Delivery Successful in Test of Peanut Allergy Immunotherapy

Study finds five-minute weekly dose of peanut protein through the skin, delivered by a novel microneedle technology, was superior in desensitizing peanut-allergic mice compared to administering the protein through a skin patch.
Moonlight Therapeutics Microneedle Patch

Microneedle Dermal Stamp to Treat Peanut Allergy Takes Another Step Forward

Moonlight Therapeutics received FDA guidance for first in-human clinical trial of MOON101.
Moonlight Therapeutics Microneedle Patch

Company Receives $1.9 Million Grant to Advance Microneedle Patch Therapy for...

Grant will allow Moonlight Therapeutics to complete pre-clinical activities and submit and IND to the FDA.