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Harris Wolobah

‘One Chip Challenge’ Blamed for 14-Year-Old’s Death

Trends like these can be especially dangerous for individuals with food allergies.

Prepare Your Kids with Food Allergies for Videos Like This (and...

These buffoons are out there on social media, so better to arm your kids in advance.

An Example of the Ridicule Kids with Food Allergies Face on...

Social media has turned the entire world into one giant middle school.
Basia Query

Woman Suffers Severe Reaction from Lip Filler, FDA Warned Against Using...

Her TikTok documenting the experience has already garnered some 20 million views.
@theallergicgirl and Starbucks

Woman with Food Allergies Challenges Starbucks: Do Better

@theallergicgirl takes to TikTok to urge the chain to take better precautions when accommodating people with food allergies.
TikToker Lucy Banks

Woman with Peanut Allergy Suffered “Sexually Transmitted” Reaction

Although extremely rare, such cases have been documented.
Lauren Faulkner

Woman Suffers Anaphylaxis from Lip Fillers, Films Ordeal on TikTok

Faulkner documented the procedure on TikTok by showing her before and after look once the fillers were dissolved.
Tay Kobb

Hilarious TikToker Shows Off Auto-Injector Target Tattoo: “Stab the Crab!”

You have to appreciate a woman who can approach the subject of anaphylaxis with wit and spicy humor.
Idiot Trying Desperately to be Funny

Buffoon Fakes Anaphylaxis on Video for Big Reveal

Don't be like this guy.
TikTok Advisory

Millions Watch as TikTok User Performs OIT on Herself Without Medical...

Step right up and watch a TikTok user with a severe allergy to carrots consume a daily dose! Will she suffer a reaction? Will...