Take 2 Campaign Flyers

Click here for printable flyers from out Take 2 campaign

It’s true… we’re obsessed. With all the recent news reports of anaphylaxis claiming our young, we want to make sure everyone gets the message.

The idea is a simple one: Anyone that has been prescribed an epinephrine auto-injector for their allergy should take two along whenever they go out, each time, every time. Traveling cross-country? Take them along. Just stepping out for a few minutes and don’t plan on eating or drinking anything? Take them along. Is your child the one with the allergy? Make sure he or she always has two on-hand.

Don’t be afraid to use them at the first sign of anaphylaxis and always have two on-hand in case the first auto-injector malfunctions or a single dose isn’t enough.

Click here to download a PDF with a set of printable flyers from our Take 2 campaign. Hang them up at home, in your school nurse’s office and at the gym. ¬†Hand them out at the little league game and the next FARE walk. Send them to family, friends and loved ones to remind them as well. Use the buttons below to like it, tweet it, pin it and email it to your connections.

Let’s get the word out to everyone: Take 2 along everywhere… every time!

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