Study: Babies May be Born with Allergies


A study of 12 one year old babies with food allergies conducted at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Victoria, Australia has found preliminary evidence that children may acquire allergies prior to birth.

The study measured DNA methylation – a mechanism that determines how genes are switched on or off – in the babies’ blood samples. “We found several switches that were different in the children with food allergies that occurred in some important immune genes”, said Dr David Martino from the Institute.

The researchers then checked the cord blood samples collected from the babies at birth and found the same telltale signs of allergy, suggesting the changes occurred early in their development.

“We found a large proportion of them were already present at birth, which suggests that deregulated event where those gene switches were disrupted probably happened very early in life, possibly as early as gestation.”

The study will now be expanded to 5000 children.

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  1. There is no ‘may be’ about it: I was born allergic to milk, as were 3 of my 4 sisters. I was also born allergic to citrus (which we now find out sits in vats for years before being bottled). Hypoglycemia, which I consider to be an allergic reaction to sugar, corn and gluten are also items that I do not ingest without many days of a serious immune and digestive system breakdown.
    Will the study result in a pill for pregnant women that will produce super T-celled babies?
    Will it change the social backlash to those of us left to feel like aliens on our own planet?
    I know that my food allergies have guided me to eat only the good stuff, because what I eat is better. I have no reaction to citrus from organic local producers, I don’t believe in cross-species nursing, sugar and corn really aren’t good for anyone and what the big food producers have done to grain has nothing to do with nature. In fact, what the FDA has let them do to our food supply is criminal.


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