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If you have a young child with food allergies, then you must know – or get to know – Kyle Dine. Kyle’s ability to convey a message of empowerment through song and entertainment is legendary within the food allergy and celiac communities.

Now Kyle wants to take that message to schools nationwide with a series of videos targeted at specific grade levels. But to do so, he needs your help to raise the requisite funds.

Here’s how he describes his vision:

After seven years of performing allergy awareness assemblies at schools across North America, I started thinking about how I could get this important safety information to more schools and reach more students. A video that encapsulated all of the most important allergy awareness messages (e.g. taking them seriously, washing hands, never sharing food, recognizing symptoms) seemed like the best route.

I started looking into grants and different ways to finance such a huge project. The more I looked into these options, the more the notion of “crowd-funding” appealed to me. The was attractive for one main reason: this video is not for me, it’s for the entire allergy community. For moms, dads, teachers, children, everyone who is affected by food allergies in some way. This can be their tool to help grow understanding, support and empathy for the condition.
I truly believe that this is more than just a product. We are creating a movement together to help schools be a safer place for kids with food allergies.
If you believe your school could benefit by having more allergy aware students and a safer school environment, don’t miss your chance to be a part of this initial movement to make such a resource a reality!

Here’s his video describing the campaign:

We support Kyle’s vision and hope you will too by donating to his Kickstarter campaign. Click the following link to do your part to help bring his message of tolerance and acceptance to school children throughout the country:

Click here to support Kyle’s Kickstarter campaign

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