Baby Wipe Allergen Now in a Mouthwash Near You


A common preservative used in baby wipes, named “allergen of the year” in 2013 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society, can now be found in a popular mouthwash.

The New York Times ran an article on methylisothiazolinone (MI), a preservative that deters the growth of bacteria but can cause severe rashes and skin irritations in people who are allergic to it. A European consumer safety group warns that MI should only be used in rinse-off products because there are “no safe concentrations” for leave-on products.

In spite of the warnings and a trend by personal product manufacturers to remove MI from products like baby wipes and lotions, Colgate-Palmolive uses MI in its Colgate Total Lasting White mouthwash.

Are you having unexplained rashes, a worsening of eczema or experiencing persistent sore throat? Read the New York Times article and check your personal care products for MI.

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Dave Bloom
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  1. In the NY Times article “Growing Scrutiny for an Allergy Trigger Used in Personal Care Products”, Dr Bruce A. Brod , president-elect of the Contact Dermatitis Society” commented that allergy can be treated ( provided of course it is even recognized) but it cannot always have a good result even if treated– the woman in the NY Times article was noting swelling of her throat– that oould lead to choking- the MI is not recommended for mucuous membranes- why is it in mouthwash. These was a description of a young woman who was about to lose her eyesight from using mascara with MI. Then in another part of the story KImberly Clark will promise to remove vaginal wipes with MI my April!!!! Why not get them off the market RIGHT NOW! I would not want a allergy reaction in the vagina!!! – the MI is not recommended for mucuous membrane- why is vaginal wipes on the market in the first place?
    The entire problem is a scandal on the medical profession, the press that has not informed the public to codle the cosmetic industry and the FDA for not insisting on labeling MI as necessary active ingredient on substances like IcyHot that I bought recently and it was not listing any inactive ingredients and lo and behold it caused a rash and it contained MI but I had to find it out from the internet- it was not required by FDA to list this ingredient on over the counter drug. Really the entire story is not new- Wikipedia has research from the 1980s that discover the allergic potential of MI and putting it in babywipes when it is known that it will disturb the cells in the nervous system- it is simply scandalous for USA not to be there for their own citizens. Stop the whining corporations and come back and manufacture in your own USA were there is sanitary water and less massive killing with biocide need be done. If all fails, go back to the old times when marscara had to be thrown out after a couple of months- then you all can sell another mascara to people– at least give them a choice rather than putting up with a toxin near their eyes.


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