Press Release: Welcomes popchips and Winona Foods to its Manufacturer Partnership


Products will be showcased in the Safe Snack Guide and Allergence, resources trusted by schools and the allergic community.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 14, 2015, publisher of the Safe Snack Guide™ – a resource relied upon by thousands of schools and tens of thousands of parents nationwide to help keep peanuts and tree nuts out of the classroom and the home – is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Manufacturer Partnership.

Winona Foods® of Green Bay markets a line of cooking oils under the Winona Pure® brand, all manufactured in a peanut, tree nut and sesame-free facility. Their specialized packaging allows them to offer Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Canola, Sunflower and Popcorn Butter flavored oils in a convenient spray without the need for chemical propellants or additives.

popchips, the innovative popped snack company, offers an extensive line of potato and veggie chips that are certified gluten-free, trans and saturated fat-free and free of preservatives and artificial ingredients. Several of the company’s products also recently received non-GMO verification and are manufactured in a facility free of seven of the top eight allergens. Their popping process produces great tasting snacks without the use of the heavy oils that are commonly used in the traditional frying process.

“We understand the importance of transparency for consumers coping with food allergies and the need for them to make informed decisions,” says Marc Seguin, CMO of popchips. “The Safe Snack Guide and Allergence, resources trusted by the allergic community, are important ways for us to share additional information about our products.”

“As the name states, we developed our Winona Pure line of oils to exacting standards for purity, making them especially appealing to individuals with a wide range of dietary restrictions,” says Terry Steinmann, CEO of Winona Foods. “ provides effective programs that will help us reach this growing demographic where traditional media often falls short.”

Dave Bloom, CEO of says: “We are pleased to welcome popchips and Winona Foods to our growing list of manufacturers, all of which are committed to providing significantly more allergen information than the FDA requires on the label.

“We look forward to helping these national brands build connections with the millions of consumers seeking products that are compatible with their specific allergen concerns.”’s proprietary platform provides a portal for manufacturers to disclose how 11 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk soy, wheat fish, shellfish, gluten, sesame and mustard) are processed during the manufacture of each of their products. In return, qualifying products earn listings in the Safe Snack Guide and Allergence, a service allowing individuals with multiple food allergies/intolerances to screen products based upon the allergen information provided by the manufacturers.

Joining the partnership of over 40 manufacturers is absolutely free. Manufacturers employing responsible practices are encouraged to apply at

About provides straightforward, actionable information to improve the lives of the 15 million people in the US suffering with food allergies. Our Safe Snack Guide will be downloaded over ½ million times this year by parents, teachers, school nurses, PTA groups, camp administrators and troop leaders; while Allergence, our product screening service launched in November, is helping thousands of consumers find products that meet their dietary restrictions due to allergies and celiac disease. Visit us at

About popchips
popchips®, one of the hottest snacks brands in north america and the uk, is a delicious line of popped potato and veggie chips with all the flavor and half the fat of fried chips. popchips has been winning awards and acclaim since its launch in 2007, while garnering a passionate following among trendsetters, moms, sports enthusiasts, and celebrities alike. popchips’ fans include jillian michaels, ashton kutcher, and sean (diddy) combs.

popchips are now sold at over 30,000 retailers across north america and the uk, including whole foods market, safeway, kroger, target, walgreens, wegmans, loblaws, select costco locations, and online at for more information about the company and its products, pop over to, become a fan on facebook or follow us on twitter.

About Winona Foods
Winona Foods is the first and most experienced company to bring healthy spray oils to the market. Winona Pure Oils are able to do what no other cooking sprays on the market can do—provide your meals and popcorn with a natural and pure taste without the use of propellants and chemicals. It’s not Pure unless it’s Winona Pure.

Winona Pure Oils offer you the convenience of an aerosol spray that you can spray directly on food. It’s their Mission to change the way people think about cooking sprays. Make it your mission to Purify Your Life with Winona Pure’s 100% real oil sprays.

Connect with Winona Pure Oils on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. For more information, deals and to find a retailer near you visit

Contact: Dave Bloom,, 347-915-4777.
Click here for Allergence and the Safe Snack Guide brochure.
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Dave Bloom
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