How Do You Remember to Take 2?


We read about the tragedies on a regular basis: yet another person succumbs to anaphylaxis because their auto-injectors were left home on a kitchen counter, in a medicine cabinet, or buried in a drawer somewhere.

Our readers know we border on obsessive when reminding people to Take 2 auto-injectors along everywhere… every time. Why 2? In case one malfunctions or a single dose is not enough to stop the progression of symptoms.

We want to know what you do to remind yourself or your family to Take 2.

Janet Sorrells Hagerman has an innovative solution she recently posted in the Peanut Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness Facebook group:

My kiddos self carry and sometimes have had a hard time remembering to grab their epipens before we leave the house. So this was my idea to help them remember their pens every time.

Sticky hooks on the door heading out to the garage. They have remembered them every time since. They can hook these insulated pouches on their belts or whatever they may be carrying. It’s in a great place to help them remember when they are walking out the door. Just thought I’d share if anyone else may have issues of kiddos forgetting their pens.

Janet’s solution is as brilliant as it is simple, and we love to see two auto-injectors snuggled inside that handy AllerMates pouch!

What do you do? Post to our Facebook page or tweet us @SnackSafely and we’ll follow up with the best ideas to help remind your family to Take 2!

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  1. I also use a similar idea as Janet. I bought my son a cool bag with his name on it. The lightweight backpack that’s in style these days. It just has his first name on it but I added an allergy tag that I ordered online at “Lauren’s Hope.” He carries his auto injectors allermate case in there, as well as, his rescue inhaler(for asthma) and some safe snacks.


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