Must Read: WaPo Article on Oral Allergy Syndrome


Do you suffer from itchiness or swelling of the mouth when eating certain raw fruits or vegetables? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Then you may also be suffering from Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS), a response caused when the immune system reacts to similar proteins that exist both in pollen and foods.

OAS symptoms occur shortly after a food is ingested but may present up to an hour later. The symptoms include itchiness or swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue or throat, and generally do not progress beyond the mouth. Because the symptoms resolve quickly once the food is removed, treatment is rarely necessary.

The Washington Post published a terrific article this week describing Oral Allergy Syndrome complete with tables that match common pollen types with the foods that often trigger OAS symptoms. Here’s their table for fruits, but there are also tables for vegetables and spices:


We encourage you to read the article entitled “Does your mouth itch when you eat apples or other fruits?” especially if you often experience these symptoms or are coping with unexplained allergies to various foods.

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Dave Bloom
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  1. Thanks for talking about OAS. I think people get confused on the various types of allergies out there and the more we discuss all of the variations–the better!


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