Advisory: Mars Recalls Dove Chocolate Assortment Snowflakes


Mars Chocolate North America issued a recall on Friday of their DOVE® Chocolate Assortment Snowflakes 24oz bag, which is sold by one major retailer in the US.

6,700 cases of the products have been recalled because they may be cross-contaminated with peanuts, wheat, and/or eggs. Pieces of Snickers, Milky Way and Twix bars have been reported to have been inadvertently mixed into the product.

Be aware that Dove products are not listed in the Safe Snack Guide. We have issued this advisory because many families coping with peanut and tree nut allergies are under the mistaken impression that the entire Dove line is claimed to be peanut and tree nut free by Mars. This is not the case, as the company’s website claims that only certain Dove products are nut free.

Though the press release issued by Mars fails to identify the retailer, reports indicate the affected product lots were only sold by Walmart. The details are as follows:

Item# 10139802 – UPC# 400050521
LOT CODE: 537CG4PA30, 537DG4PA30, 538AG4PA30, 538AM4PA30, 541AG4PA20, 542EM4PA20

Sold September 19, 2015 through December 1, 2015 from the following locations: AZ, GA, MA, MS, OH, VA, CA, IA, MD, NH, OK, VT, CO, IL, ME, NJ, OR, WA, CT, IN, MI, NM, PA, WI, DE, KS, MN, NV, RI, WY, FL, KY, MO, NY and TX.

If you are in possession of this product, please check the lot number against the information above. DO NOT SERVE THIS PRODUCT IF IT IS FROM ONE OF THE AFFECTED LOTS; return it to the store where purchased for a full refund.

Source: Mars Press Release – Food and Drug Administration Website
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