AllergyEats Launches Redesigned Service


AllergyEats – the nationwide guide to allergy friendly restaurants – has announced a complete redesign.

The free service is comprised of a peer-based app and website where people find and rate restaurants based solely on their ability to accommodate food allergies. Restaurant ratings are based on how well restaurants accommodate food-allergic diners, and not on other factors, such as ambiance, service or food quality.

paulanticoSince its inception nearly six years ago, AllergyEats has become the dominant guide for finding allergy-friendly restaurants and a trusted resource for the food allergy community. However, it was time to revitalize the app and site, making them even more reliable, customizable, engaging and intuitive, improving the overall user experience,” said Paul Antico, Founder and CEO of AllergyEats. “We’ve received many positive comments about AllergyEats over the years, and we’ve also heard users’ suggestions on how to make the app and site even better. We take all feedback very seriously and, therefore, the upgrades we made to both the app and website reflect these suggestions and requests, helping the food allergy community more easily find, rate and share restaurant information.

AllergyEats is an invaluable resource for families coping with food allergies, and the redesign makes it even more intuitive and accessible than before. To learn more, click here.

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Dave Bloom
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