Egg-Free Easter Egg Project


This time of year, we are flooded with requests from families coping with egg allergies that are frustrated with the prospect of their kids missing out on Easter fun.

We kept our eyes out for a project that was relatively easy, inexpensive, that produces wonderful results with a minimum of cooking acumen. This video showing a fun craft using those plastic eggs sold in supermarkets fits the bill.

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If your child can safely eat gelatin, there are a number of alternatives to the Jell-O used in this video as well as using plain gelatin colored with natural juices if you so desire. Likewise, you can skip the whipped cream or substitute an alternative. You can even repurpose the plastic eggs as decorations after the craft.

Enjoy, but please heed the obligatory warning: don’t let young children handle power tools, pots filled with boiling water, or heavy earthmoving equipment.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of

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  1. No, we haven’t Caroline. But this project has everything a food allergy could want in an Easter craft: It’s (relatively) easy, you can do it with the kids, you can make it free of most allergens, and the results are gorgeous and taste great.


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