SunButter Spreads the Love: Now Soy Free via New Roasting Process


Sunbutter®, a long-time member of the Manufacturer Partnership, made two important announcements Tuesday regarding their line of sunflower-based spreads that provide healthier, tastier alternatives to peanut butter.

The firm announced their transition to a new roasting process on an entirely new line of roasting equipment that will allow them to produce the product in one continuous process from field to table, ensuring fresher roasted flavor, improved product consistency, and a product that is now entirely soy free, making it free of the Top 8 allergens.

Says Bob Majkrzak, President of Red River Commodities, the parent of SunButter:

Bob-Majkrazak“We are committed to provide the best tasting, highest quality, and safest products. We supply premium sunflower planting seed to select local growers that only grow sunflowers for SunButter. We use a specialized sunflower hybrid seed, which delivers superior flavor, color, and texture when made into SunButter. Like all sunflower, this variety is non-GMO. When the seed is harvested, it is transported directly to our processing facility to ensure process control. The new inline roaster, dedicated solely to making SunButter, allows us to strengthen our pledge to our consumers.”

The company also announced they are partnering with the Food Equality Initiative to launch the SunButter Spread the Love Campaign. SunButter and FEI are asking Americans nationwide to donate peanut-free, school-safe SunButter Sunflower Butter to their local Feeding America® network food bank. SunButter will match donations, donating up to 1,000 pounds of SunButter to a local food bank.

Said Justin LaGosh, SunButter Director of Sales & Marketing:

justin_lagosh“For every SunButter product that is donated to a local Feeding America network food bank and registered at from Feb. 1 – 29, 2016, SunButter will make an equivalent donation of SunButter product based on weight, up to 1,000 pounds total, to the Great Plains Food Bank in Fargo. N.D.,”

We at encourage you to participate by donating SunButter to your local Feeding America food bank and registering your donation at the link above.

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