Petition to Kellogg's: Do NOT Add Peanut Flour to Your Products


In light of The Kellogg Company’s recent announcement that it will begin adding peanut flour to a number of their Keebler and Austin brand cracker products, is sponsoring a petition to Chairman and CEO John Bryant on to halt the practice before it starts. You can sign the petition on by clicking here.

It reads as follows:

We, the allergic community comprised of food allergy sufferers, parents, allergists, pediatricians, teachers, school nurses and caregivers, are outraged that you have decided to introduce peanut flour into your Keebler and Austin brand crackers, products that are not generally associated with peanuts and are favorites of children.

While there is no doubt that you will relabel your products to warn of peanut content, your decision will put at risk thousands of peanut-allergic consumers who already purchase these brands. Furthermore, shoppers that have no reason to believe that a cheese cracker might contain peanuts may never read your advisories, endangering themselves or the children in their care.

While we understand your interest in raising the protein and lowering the carbohydrate content of your products in as cheaply a manner as possible, doing so using peanuts – the allergen most responsible for triggering anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction that can result in horrific consequences including death – is unethical and irresponsible. Surely there are other less allergenic alternatives that will achieve your nutrition goals without endangering this large and growing community, even if doing so means sacrificing some of your profit in the interest of serving that community.

We urge you to reconsider this move which will undoubtedly call into question the safety of other Keebler, Austin, and Kellogg’s products while tarnishing these brands for a generation to come.

By signing the petition, you will send a clear message to Kellogg’s that adding peanut flour to their crackers (and subsequent products) is irresponsible, unethical, and will not be tolerated. Furthermore, we ask that you share this petition with friends, family, and co-workers and ask for their support as well.

This is your opportunity to have your voice heard!

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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  1. This is ridiculous. Why would you willing add an allergen. You are only cutting off your own foot.

  2. Please consider being the hero and leave the peanut flour out of your products. Allergies are unfortunately on the rise. Our pantry is full of your products because it was a trusted go to for us. Now we’re going to have to change that. Please please please reconsider.

  3. Please don’t risk the lives of so many people with peanut allergies by adding peanut flour to some of your products!!!! Keebler is such a major force in snack crackers, etc. I ask you to please re-consider this decision. The potential consequences could be devastating. With so many people, especially children, eating these products in public settings, the possibility of cross-contamination is unending. Please listen to the (HUGE) allergy community and help us keep our children safe.

  4. I have many friends and family members who have anaphylactic shock from peanuts. This is a VERY BAD move for you both ethically and financially. If we the consumers have to FEAR your product, it will not be bought anymore. Who wants a life threatening allergic reaction? Not us. Please don’t do this. ?

  5. Not only will I never, ever buy another product, but I will do my best to keep others from buying. This is terrible!

  6. Please do not put peanut flour in your products.
    Our family and friends will not buy any products with the Kellogg’s name !!!

  7. Please do not add Peanut Flour…this is so dangerous for so many children/people!!!

  8. This would be horrible for our family. We go for Kelloggs over other brands. My son is severely allergic to nuts and this would make it to where he could not consume Kelloggs products. I will never purchase another Kelloggs product again if this happens. You’re loosing customers.

  9. Please do not do this!!!! Not only for home… But kids bring this for snacks and school and by adding peanut flour… You are eliminating kids in peanut free classes from being able to bring your product for class!!! Please don’t!
    As a concerned peanut allergy mom.. Please don’t make my nerves worse than already are!

  10. Why peanut flour when so many are allergic to peanuts? Why not Quinoa flour? It is a supergrain and is high in protein. It would have the added benefit that wheat allergic people and those with gluten sensitivity could safely eat it as well.

  11. If people want more protein then they shouldn’t be eating carbohydrates only. They can find their own protein source without you adding it in there. This is ridiculous and an allergy nightmare. Don’t do it, you must be smarter than this.

  12. So, Kellogs…you’re telling us you just don’t give a damn? Because that’s EXACTLY how this decision comes across. BTW, I don’t have food allergies, nor do I have kids or relatives who do. I’m just one of the many who will boycott your products if you don’t do what’s right…because we DO care.

  13. I have a child with a peanut allergy and it is hard enough to find “safe snacks” for her to eat. Please do not add peanut flour to your products. Peanut allergies are on the RISE you would think manufacturers would cash in by having multiple manufacturing facilities so that items with peanuts/tree nuts can be manufactured separately. No more shared lines or manufactured in the same facilities.

  14. It is a shame that a company would consider making a change like this. Many companies are going in the other direction to meet the needs of an evolving population. Please reconsider making this change to your product.

  15. i do not have peanut allergies but know people who do and i do not understand how you could risk their lives this way specially when there is other alternatives.

  16. Please do not add peanut flour to any of your products. There are too many people with peanut allergies that will have to avoid your products. Thanks Sylvia Sane

  17. This news is so disappointing…..please consider the negative impact this will have on the allergic community

  18. There are too many people wot severe allergies, why would your company exclude them and their families and friends from purchading ypur products. If this happens I will never buy another Kellogg’s product.

  19. My grandson is more important please do not add peanut flour to anything. He is limited to what he can eat.

  20. No peanut allergies in my family, but think this is a horrible idea! I have seen children with severe allergies suffer an attack from accidentally ingesting peanuts.

  21. There are way to many people including children that are highly allergic to peanuts or any form of it. Please reconsider and DO NOT add peanut flour to your product.

  22. Please reconsider and DO NOT put peanut flour in your products. There are way to many people that are highly allergic to peanuts of any form. I will no longer buy Kellogg products if this goes through.

  23. Having had a peanut allergy this makes me sick. Why? There is already so much worry, absolutely no need to add more stress. Shame on you.

  24. Please don’t do this, there are some people with allergies that your going to affect!! My nephew is already so limited and there are only a handful of company’s we were thankful to for have safe foods.

  25. Please quit making eating such a difficult thing for the peanut allergy kids. Do you really need peanut flour in this product? I mean seriously. I can’t even imagine why your company would make this decision. Please do not add peanut flour!

  26. Our school requires no peanut snacks for class room. Many families will be unable to purchase snacks they send to school even if their child has no allergy. Please reconsider .

  27. Peanut allergies are serious health issues for 3 of our grandchildren . There are so many others. Please do not add peanut flour to your products, Lives are at risk.
    Thank you,

  28. Our daughter is allergic to peanuts and carries Epi-pens everywhere. If you decide to use peanut flour you will limit over half of what is in my pantry now that are safe foods for her to have. Please reconsider this option.

  29. I have numerous family members including children who are allergic to peanuts and have been loyal customers of yours for generations. Please do not add peanut flour to your products, that we have enjoyed all this years. Should you proceed with this, I will miss you but I will not be purchasing your products.

  30. please do not add peanut flour to your products- not only will this eliminate so many foods from my son who is highly allergic, but your company will be losing a ton of business. Please consider

  31. Please do not add peanut flour to your products. My daughter and therefore my whole family would not be able to eat your products.

  32. STOP already! Half of my cabinet is consumed with your products. We have peanut allergies here. If you add this stupid “no need” for ingredient you just lost sales. This is absurd to have everyone jump on the peanut bandwagon and add to foods. Is it worth it in the long run when you’ll lose sales? If people want peanut flour and peanut products they can buy it by the landfills somewhere else. This has got to STOP! The top allergens and you all think it’s ok to add while we pay $500.00 for each pack of epi pens to keep our children safe from these products! You all need to reconsider! Someone needs to take a stand and stand up to this fiasco. What a stupid idea and now even at lunch tables our allergy kids won’t feel safe seeing their classmates eating yet another product that could potentially kill them. This momma is going to lose her mind with all this worrying what’s next?!

  33. Stop this nonsense. I pay 500 for epi pen packs to protect my child in school from all these peanut eating children. I will drop Kellogg’s from my list so fast and sadly family will have to as well. Is it worth it? You will lose sales so fast. Why do you need to add this product to a safe food item. Top allergen and well known. Stop the madness

  34. Parents of children with peanut allergies look forward to the days when companies remove allergens from their products. Instead, you add one of the most dangerous, and it’s a double-whammy because families who buy your products have previously checked the ingredients and have no reason to look again. For these children, it’s akin to adding poison to your food products.

  35. Adding peanut flour to your products is a step BACKWARDS for your company, not forwards. Peanut allergies are INCREASING, not decreasing. My son is allergic to peanuts & we keep a nut free home & life because we have to. If you add peanut flour, my family will never buy any of your products & will encourage our friends & family to do the same. This is irresponsible and thoughtless.

  36. I have 2 very young grandchildren with food allergies please do not add peanut flour to your produces they both have had very close calls on the reactions ending up in ER thank you for listening

  37. With so many people with peanut allergies, surely Kellogg’s will stop this decision and think of their customers.

  38. Omg,Kelloggs imagine the press you’ll get from all the people who will suffer and die from your products if you add peanut flour? Who is the irresponsible person to
    even consider adding the most lethal ingredient to your products? FYI, lots of people suffer or die from allergic reactions caused by cross contamination or contact from the food that “Non-Allergic”people consume. Kelloggs your company has been clearly advised and warned of the danger and catastrophic deaths that Will most likely occur if you add the #1 most lethal allergen to your products. The talk of even considering this irresponsible act has outraged the allergic and non-allergic community . I sincerely hope that your company does not make this horrible change to your products. Needless to say if the change happens Kelloggs will be Boycotted by many and the Press you’ll receive from the trauma and deaths that Will happen will be inevitable.

  39. Products should only have peanuts in them if the word “peanut” is in the name of the product. No exceptions. It is awful what the children and their families go through….Kellogg’s I know you will do the right thing… Thank you

  40. Another big company trying to make more money. I will never trust another product produced by them if they use peanut flour.

  41. Please do not add peanut flour to any if your products. There are so many with peanut allergies. WHY would you do this!!!! Please reconsider this decision!

  42. REALLY !!!???? Why in the WORLD would you do that ???? We wont be buying your products. Peanut allergy kids already have so many things they cant eat and you do this to them.

  43. I am not understanding the need to take something that my son can eat and add a allergen to the product that can kill him. This product has been made without peanut flour for all of this time, please do not change it now. From a concerned mother with a son who has life threatening nut allergies!

  44. I think ‘it stupid that they are putting peanut flour in their products something that’s a serious allergy to lots of people in this country instead of looking out for the bottom line they need to look at the people they are selling their products too adults and children lives are more important then how many products you sell people could have a dangerous reaction to this product change it or expect a lot of lawsuits in the future

  45. Kelloggs, please no! This will be a nightmare and might even lead to lawsuits for your company. But it will definitely lead to our entire (extended!) family avoiding Kellogg’s products in the future.

  46. Why would such a big company do this and exclude millions of children from their wonderful products? If it is to save money you are doing the opposite; parents, friends, and relatives and even schools will not be buying your products anymore!!!

  47. As an allergy /immunology nurse with over 30 years experience Kellogg’s can and should be able to do whatever they want .. Parents and caregivers need to be responsible and read labels. It isn’t that difficult. Get a life and quit thinking you are owed something due to allergies. Yes, peanut and tree nut allergies can be life threatening but be responsible and do not expect others to cater to you .

  48. Please reconsider using peanut flour in your products. Peanut allergies have tripled in the United States since 2007 and are still on the rise. More & more families are desperate to find safe products for their children. Please take this request seriously, it may save someone’s life. Thank you!

  49. My child already has limited food choices, please don’t make his list of safe foods even smaller.

  50. To raise the profit margin by adding cheap peanut flour (to lessen the manufacturing cost of a food that is a well established brand)… is not only unethical; but, sends the message that Corporate does not care that they are putting hundreds of thousands of customers at risk for a reaction that is known and proven to cause DEATH…. Is this the choice…. Life or Death?
    What a reputation you are courting! Remember the best advertising is”word of Mouth”…which can be used to promote or destroy… Do not forget that your products and profits depend on the good will of those who purchase…. Opt for Life!

  51. Please no peanut flour. I will boycott all Kellogg products if they do. I have a grandson with severe peanut allergy. My house is now peanut free

  52. Don’t. Plain, pure and simple. The choices for parents with children and nut allergies is hard enough. Why tamper with something these people and hundreds love just as it is.

  53. Please do not use peanut flour in any of your products, it’s very difficult for those with allergies to avoid already, so please do not make it more difficult to find safe foods. Thank you.

  54. Adding peanut flour to products not typically associated with peanut, as the allergy epidemic grows, is irresponsible and dangerous.

  55. My grandson is allergic to peanuts and we have had much difficult keeping him safe. Ideas like this just make the world more dangerous for him and others like him.

  56. I am not allergic to peanuts, but my grandson is. So if your go ahead with your proposal to add peanut powder to any of your products, I will avoid your complete range and spread the word amongst my friends, so they are aware of the change in policy.

  57. Please do not add peanut flour to products. Food allergies are a growing epidemic, peanuts being the MOST dangerous! I too will boycott Kellog products due to possible cross contamination.
    Thank you for listening.

  58. It’s hard to find snacks. Let us peanut allergy people have one more safe snacks to not worry about!

  59. Why would you make your products unsafe for our children? Does it improve the taste? I don’t think so. If one person dies after eating your product, that’s a real shame.

  60. Please do not add peanut flower. This could be a deadly mistake for anyone with allergies. thank you

  61. Please Please no peanut flour. No NO NO . My granddaughter has a severe allergy. NO No No PLEASE

  62. many people are allergic to peanuts – so adding peanut lour to products is a very bad idea.
    plus, peanuts are a high oxalate food – people with kidney issues potentially will get very sick form eating products with peanut flour.

  63. This will be SO confusing for parents trying to purchase snacks for schools, day care, sports etc etc. It will most definitely put allergic children at risk! Kellogg’s does NOT want a child in the news having a fatal reaction to a product most parents would never consider likely to have nuts. It is confusing enough that the ‘may contain’ statements are voluntary, which most nonallergic families don’t even know. BRUTAL! Please do not do this!

  64. No-please no!!!!!! It is so confusing to find allergy safe snacks!!! This would be horrible for families of children with allergies and even families that don’t have allergies, but must buy nut free snacks for school/day care/sports. Please, do not do this!!

  65. I have two grandsons with peanut allergies. Please reconsider your thinking on the use of peanut flour. It will only be another food that we will not be able to have in our home.

  66. I have 2 grandchildren with peanut allergies, and finding food to eat is hard enough without Keebler adding to it. Please DO NOT add peanut flour to any of your products. People with allergies have a limited amount of things that they can enjoy, so why add to it. This is such a BAD idea for all.

  67. Please, no peanut flour or peanuts period in these products that your costumers consider safe food among their limitation.

  68. Please don’t add peanut products of any kind to these products…please please keep some peanut free. Too many kids have life-threatening allergies and those kiddos are already so limited in their snack options. FYI, my kids do not have the allergies but all three of them have at least two close friends with said allergies, ie. my friends’ children. I would like to be able to have confidence in offering them safe snacks when they are in my care in my home. I would be devastated if something I offered harmed them. Instead of adding a known allergen to a previously peanut-free product, you should be exploring expanding your peanut=free snack options…creating more snacks without these allergens. That would equal more sales because we’d all buy them….you wouldn’t be limiting your sales.

  69. How could you in good conscience take such a drastic measure to add Peanut Options to a product. People die from this, do you care about this? I have a husband and 8 grandchildren that this would great put them at huge risk. Do this and we would do everything within our ability to band anyone from purchasing your product. I urge you to reconsider doing this terrible change that would affect so many.

  70. please do not use peanut flour. My granddaughter has BAD allergies PLEASE do not use it. As do many many other grandchildren so I write for all of them. Please reconsider NO PEANUT FLOUR

  71. You will be losing many customers. You will not only be losing the immediate family members of a food allergic individual, but also the extended family and friends of such individuals. That’s a lot of money not in your pocket. Shame on you Kelloggs.

  72. Apparently greed and corporate profit come before people. Kellogg could easily absorb this cost – or put a few cents on the price if you really must. People with peanut allergies have limited food options as it is, and to deliberately add an allergen than can be deadly, is unconscionable and unnecessary. I will never buy Kellogg products again if they don’t change this. This includes Cheez-it, Pringles, and Keebler products. Check out the whole range of products associated with Kellogg and avoid them all.

  73. Please don’t add peanut flour to your products… our family has peanut allergies and will no longer be able to purchase your products.

  74. We are 100
    We are 100% against you or any other company adding an allergen to any food group, we will boycott your company.

  75. This is irresponsible! This would pose a risk to a child, a mother, father, brother, sister….A LIFE!! Do not put peanut flour in your product.

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