Two Food Allergy Resources to Help You Bake for the Holidays


Are you baking for Purim, Easter or an upcoming birthday and are concerned for specific allergens? Don’t forget two free resources at your disposal: the Safe Snack Guide and Allergence product screening service.

Both have entire sections devoted to flour, baking mixes, cooking oils, dried fruit, peanut butter alternatives, and baking/candy making chocolate, many free of the Top-8 allergens.

Easter FBIf your concern is strictly for peanuts, tree nuts and/or eggs, download the Safe Snack Guide. This month the Guide features an additional section devoted entirely to Easter-themed products.

If your concern is for other Top-8 allergens and/or sesame, mustard or gluten, register for your Allergence account where you can see precisely how each of the 11 allergens tracked are processed during the manufacture of each product. Want to know if soy is processed in the line or milk processed in the facility? You’ll be informed with information provided directly from the manufacturer, not from the label. Here’s a video describing the service:

Both resources are free, updated with new products often, easily accessible from your browser or phone, and can save you valuable time when researching products.

As with every resource, please be sure to read their respective disclosures and understand their limitations before using them.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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