Nima Announces Upcoming Peanut Sensor at CES

Nima Peanut sensor

Nima, the company that markets a portable gluten detector, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it has begun taking preorders for its upcoming peanut sensor, which it anticipates will ship later this year.
The peanut sensor looks nearly identical to the Nima gluten sensor, a small device that fits in a handbag. Testing for traces of peanuts works the same way: (1) a pea-sized sample of the food is placed into a test capsule; (2) the capsule is inserted in the device and the user presses the start button; (3) in a few minutes the device displays whether it has detected peanut trace.

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Nima claims the sensors can detect peanut or gluten down to 20 parts per million with 99% accuracy.
Pricing for a starter kit including the device and a 12-pack of test capsules will cost $289, or $229 if you preorder by March 8, 2018. Additional capsules will cost $72 per 12-pack or less if you join a membership program.

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