Teen Saves Best Friend Suffering Anaphylaxis


Elise Hubbard, a 13 year-old girl from Iowa, is doing just fine thanks to her best friend Laura.
Elise had been undergoing oral immunotherapy (OIT) for a severe peanut allergy since April, a process whereby the patient is desensitized by consuming small quantities of an allergen under medical supervision.
“Elise had missed her dose the previous day so she took half of her dose that day – which we had done before – and reacted with lips swelling, throat tightening and wheezing,” her mother, Melinda Hubbard told 9Honey.

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Ms Hubbard called Elise from work to check in on her to have Laura inform her that she was about to call 911 because Elise was suffering symptoms of anaphylaxis.
Melinda and Elise Hubbard
Melinda and Elise Hubbard
“I asked her if she had used her EpiPen and she hadn’t so I walked Laura through it over the phone. She had done it before as her sister has peanut allergies. She was so focused and stayed calm and it didn’t bother her a bit. I hung up and called 911 from work and called them right back and stayed on the phone with Laura. Within just a few minutes the squad arrived.
“As I was calling 911 she kept her calm and kept me on the phone, and she even rode with her in the ambulance to the hospital so she wouldn’t be alone.
“My daughter is doing great. I’m confident that the early intervention is exactly what she needed.
“I am sharing this because it is so important to educate our children’s friends so they know what to do to help our kids when they get in trouble. These are two very brave girls!”
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We at SnackSafely.com applaud Laura, Elise, and Ms Hubbard for staying calm and taking appropriate action by administering epinephrine immediately when anaphylaxis was suspected and calling emergency services.
We encourage parents to train friends and family of their children with food allergies to recognize the symptoms of anaphylaxis and how to locate and administer their child’s auto-injector in case of an emergency.
We also encourage all food allergy sufferers to always take 2 epinephrine auto-injectors along everywhere, every time so that you are never caught without. Download our series of “Take 2” flyers and post them in your home and school nurse’s office as important reminders never to be caught without.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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