A Message from Thomas Silvera on the Birthday of His Son Elijah, Who Would Have Turned Five Today


As our readers well know, Elijah-Alavi Affiq Thomas Silvera, a 3 year-old boy at the time with a severe milk allergy, suffered every parent’s worst nightmare while in the care of his preschool in November of 2017.

On this, the occasion of Elijah’s fifth birthday, his father Thomas asked us to forward this video and appeal. Please take a few minutes to hear Elijah’s story and support the Elijah-Alavi Foundation.

My Name is Thomas Silvera, I am the Co-Founder and Vice President of the Elijah-Alavi Foundation. On January 16th my son Elijah-Alavi Affiq Thomas Silvera would have been turning 5 years old today. I created this video in honor of his memory & his birthday to bring awareness to the severity of food allergies and anaphylaxis.

The Elijah-Alavi Foundation and #elijahsecho is an initiative designed to raise awareness of the importance of severe food allergy/anaphylaxis, asthma w/allergies education and training. The #elijahsecho movement was born from the tragic incident that occurred in a New York City Pre-K school/Daycare center on November 3rd, 2017. The incident of which, soon after caused my son Elijah-Alavi to pass away. Despite the school having well documented all his severe food allergy and his severe allergy to dairy products, an adult employee had fed my son Elijah-Alavi a grilled cheese sandwich. Following the incident, Medical professionals worked on Elijah-Alavi as he was going into anaphylactic shock. The school had failed to report what Elijah-Alavi had been fed. Soon after, my son Elijah-Alavi passed away.

The Elijah-Alavi Foundation Inc nonprofit 501 (c) (3) was able to pass a bill with the help of several elected officials and F.A.R.E called…Elijah’s Law #A10031 in the Senate S.8785 and we’re working harder to move this bill further through the health committee and the Assembly. We have also aided in the amendment of the NYC Department of Health Codes by Allowing safety with educational training provided by Code Ana and with Kaléo pharmaceutical Team making a generous donation of 7500 Auvi-Q (epinephrine auto-injectors, USP) to all NYC regulated daycare centers making sure these children are protected. Let’s continue to create and build awareness by putting a name and face to the importance of severe food allergy, anaphylaxis and asthma safety in the inner city schools/pre-K and daycare centers in NYC and across the states.

The Elijah-Alavi Foundation Inc. is one that is very close to many of our hearts, and we are working very hard to honor Elijah’s memory. With every donation given, it will go to directly to the Elijah-Alavi Foundation so we can utilize our initiative by providing the training and education needed to these New York City Schools/Daycare centers etc at no cost to them. Come and stand with Elijah-Alavi Foundation Inc and I. We encourage you to share Elijah-Alavi story and video by using the hashtag #elijahsecho to promote food allergy/anaphylaxis and asthma awareness and safety.

If you like to make a donation please Visit: https://www.facebook.com/beelijahsecho/

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