Sandoz Launches Symjepi Site with Usage Instructions


Sandoz, marketer of the Symjepi epinephrine prefilled syringe, has launched a website dedicated to the device in advance of its release for sale to patients with prescriptions. Symjepi launched earlier this year with distribution to institutions only.

The device should not be confused with an auto-injector where insertion of the needle and the dispensing of medication occurs automatically when it is activated. Instead, Symjepi works like a syringe already prefilled with epinephrine: the needle must be exposed, placed, inserted into the outer thigh, the plunger depressed to administer the drug, the device withdrawn, and the needle retracted.

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Instructions for Use from the Symjepi Website

Please see the Symjepi website for prescribing information, contraindications, safety information, adverse reactions, etc before purchasing or using the device.

When ready to use SYMJEPI, pull cap off to expose needle.
To ensure no accidental epinephrine leakage, do not touch the plunger until the needle is fully inserted.
Holding by the finger grips, slowly insert the needle into the thigh. SYMJEPI can be injected through clothing if necessary.
After needle is in the thigh, push the plunger all the way down until it clicks. Hold for 2 seconds. Remove syringe and massage the area for 10 seconds.

The correct dose has been injected if the plunger has been pushed all the way down and the solution window is at least partially blocked.
Once the injection has been administered, using one hand with your fingers behind the needle, slide the safety guard up until it clicks to cover the needle.

We at extend our special thanks to ERod for alerting us to the new site.

Source: Symjepi Website – Sandoz
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