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Symjepi Video with Directions for Use


Back in January, Sandoz launched the long awaited Symjepi 0.3mg prefilled epinephrine syringe, a welcomed option for the delivery of emergency epinephrine for anaphylaxis. A “junior” 0.15mg version of the device has also been FDA approved.

Symjepi is not an auto-injector per se but a prefilled syringe. As such, it does not have a retractable needle and does not administer epinephrine automatically. Instead, one must pull the cap, insert the needle, press the plunger until the drug has been administered, then remove the needle, much like one does with traditional syringes.

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The company recently released the following video with directions for administering Symjepi:

What do you think? Would you use it? Can you imagine it being appropriate for use in some capacity by your family? If you are a school nurse or first responder, would you feel comfortable administering the device? Let us know.

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