Shortage of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Continues: French Authority Issues Advisory


Anticipating shortages of epinephrine auto-injectors following manufacturing issues with the Emerade brand auto-injector, France’s National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) has issued an advisory.

The agency urges patients to keep their Emerade auto-injectors until the expiration date as “the risk of failure is very low”, this despite the death of Shante Turay-Thomas last September allegedly due to the failure of an Emerade device. An inquest into her death began Monday.

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The agency also directs healthcare institutions to forgo using auto-injectors and instead use epinephrine administered via traditional syringe in order to preserve supply of the devices for patient use.

French patients generally have access to an array of epinephrine auto-injector brands including Emerade, Anapen, EpiPen, and Jext. All four have been the subject of recalls in recent years.

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Inquest Begins Into Death of Teen from Anaphylaxis After Auto-Injector Failed to Operate
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Dave Bloom
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