Miniature Epinephrine Auto-Injector Takes Next Step Toward Commercialization


RX Bandz — a company developing a miniaturized epinephrine auto-injector — has taken the next step toward commercialization of their device by announcing a strategic manufacturing partnership with Weiss-Aug Co.

The device, called MiniJect™, is intended for use when anaphylaxis — a life-threatening, sometimes fatal allergic reaction — is suspected. MiniJect is claimed to be significantly smaller than other emergency epinephrine options currently on the market and promises better temperature stability.

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From the press release:

Under the terms of the partnership, Weiss-Aug will manufacture the MiniJect as Rx Bandz moves towards completing its regulatory submission for FDA approval of the combination therapeutic and delivery device. Once FDA approval is obtained, Weiss-Aug will scale up production of the MiniJect™ to meet the anticipated large unmet need for the MiniJect™.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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