Kyle Dine Video Helps Kids Understand Food Allergies While Having the Time of Their Lives!


Kyle Dine, everyone’s favorite food allergy educator and entertainer, has created a wonderful video to teach kids the fundamentals of food allergy awareness.

By combining music, puppetry, energy, and sheer fun, “Kyle Dine & Friends – Allergy Awareness” is the perfect resource for parents and educators to help introduce such important concepts as allergens, never sharing food, identifying the symptoms of allergic reactions, anaphylaxis and calling emergency services, epinephrine, medical ID jewelry, cross-contact, and the need for hand-washing, all while emphasizing inclusion with songs, skits, and viewer interaction.

The video is available in two edits, one recommended for ages 4-7, the other for 8-11-year-olds. Here is the video suitable for younger ages:

To learn more about this video, to order copies, and to find more food allergy resources for children, visit

Who is Kyle Dine?

Kyle is a trusted allergy educator from Kingston, Ontario, who has created engaging presentations for children about allergy awareness. He has produced two professional CDs and worked for the past 11 years with Food Allergy Canada. He has performed for over 900 schools across the continent for nearly half a million children. His songs empower children with food allergies and encourage those without to learn how they can help keep their friends with allergies safe. He is passionate about reaching more children with this potentially life-saving message and wants your help to create a video that schools can easily access and educate with.

To learn more about Kyle Dine’s live assemblies and booking info, visit

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