Update to Safe Snack Guide and Allergence to Help with Thanksgiving!


While you’re shopping for Thanksgiving, be sure to take the new, updated Safe Snack Guide and Allergence product screener with you! You’ll find tons of allergy-friendly side dishes, baking ingredients, grains, broth, pasta, cakes, cookies, and more to round out that holiday meal!

In addition to many new products from our 130+ partner manufacturers, we’ve added products from three new members to our Manufacturer Partnership. By joining us, they’ve agreed to disclose precisely how the 11 allergens we track (Top 8 + sesame, mustard, and gluten) are processed for each product including shared line/facility information you won’t find on the label or anywhere else!

You can find these new products in the updated editions of our publications:

  • Our traditional Safe Snack Guide (peanut and tree nut-free, many free of the Top 8, sesame, mustard and gluten)
  • Your Custom Safe Snack Guide (tailored to your specific allergen-restrictions)
  • Allergence, our interactive product screening service.
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Please join us in welcoming:

  • Brooklyn Bites — Brooklyn Bites is a women-owned company selling deliciously healthy and indulgent snacks. Their products are plant-based, certified non-GMO and allergy-friendly using only the highest quality, on-trend, and better for you ingredients.
  • FitJoy Foods — FitJoy’s delicious pretzels are free from the top 8 allergens, grain-free, gluten-free certified, Project Non-GMO verified, no maltitol, no MSG, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors or preservatives.
  • Ka-Pop! Snacks — Ancient Grain Snacks delivers the trifecta of benefits consumers are looking for – authentic nutrition, unbelievable great taste, and simple ingredients. Ka-Pop! is the very first 100% Ancient Grain snack on the market and is always non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, top 12 allergen-free, but NOT Taste Free!

We also say goodbye to Herr’s and RW Garcia who have opted to leave our Manufacturer Partnership. As we no longer have a relationship with these companies, they are no longer obligated to provide us with allergen processing information and can no longer recommend their products. Please direct all inquiries to the respective companies.

Now is the time to download an updated copy of the Safe Snack Guide or notify your audience to download an updated copy of your Custom Safe Snack Guide!

You can also browse over 2500 allergy-friendly products from 130+ partner manufacturers by clicking on the icons below.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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