Lisa Horn Chats with Dave Bloom About Allergies, Labeling, and SnackSafely on “Food Allergy Talk”


You may know Lisa Horn from her popular Food Allergy Talk podcast, her blog, or her social media presence where she advocates under the handle @FoodAllergyPI.

Lisa is a holistic nutritionist, cookbook author, food allergy community advocate, blogger, and host, married with 5 children all of whom she homeschools. Her eldest is coping with a number of food allergies including garlic which is difficult to navigate because it’s not a “Top 9” allergen and may be hidden under the terms “spices” or “natural flavoring” on food labels.

In this episode, we discuss our respective introductions to the food allergy world, dangerous loopholes in current allergen labeling regulations, our petition to Congress to fix those loopholes, and the services we provide to the food allergy and celiac communities at

Listen to this episode and be sure to subscribe to her interesting and informative Food Allergy Talk podcasts.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of

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