Epinephrine Can’t Save Your Life if You Don’t Have it With You


We have reported on a number of deaths due to anaphylaxis recently so we are reposting this with the hope that the food allergy community will heed this message. Please share with all those you know who are coping with food allergies and remain vigilant for the signs of anaphylaxis.

We get it… you’re busy living your life. It’s a crazy world and you have so much to keep track of that you sometimes forget to take your epinephrine auto-injectors along or remind a loved one to take them.

We also know the vast majority of food allergy deaths occur because epinephrine is not on hand when anaphylaxis strikes or is administered too late. How do we know? Because we report on them all the time in order to remind the food allergy community — OUR community — how important it is to stay vigilant.

Remember that epinephrine is the only drug that can halt and reverse the progression of life-threatening anaphylaxis, but it can’t save your life if it’s left home in the medicine cabinet or on the kitchen counter.

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Our mantra: Take two epinephrine auto-injectors along with you everywhere, every time, and be sure to administer the drug when you first suspect anaphylaxis.

It’s important to understand the risk of side effects from epinephrine for otherwise healthy people is far outweighed by the dangers of anaphylaxis if not treated in time. Take it along and don’t hesitate to use it.

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Epinephrine First, Period

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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