Extraordinary Service Dog Rescues Woman During Seizures and Anaphylaxis


Jaime Simpson, an Instagrammer who posts under the handle @embracingecho, copes with epilepsy, severe allergies, and a number of other conditions. Her service dog Echo, always by her side, is trained to detect the oncoming of seizures and anaphylaxis, often before she knows herself.

When Echo senses a physical event, he is trained to spring into action to retrieve her seizure meds or epinephrine auto-injector.

Ms Simpson has documented her interaction with Echo via numerous videos on Instagram. [Please note: these videos are graphic by nature.]

In this first video, she is relaxing on the couch when Echo senses an oncoming seizure and runs to retrieve her preventive medication, but it’s too late. So her companion does the next best thing:

It’s quite embarrassing to post this but I think it’s good advocacy for Epilepsy

I could feel this one coming. During this video, Echo brought preventative medication but it was too late

An “aura” had presented and I was beginning to enter a seizure. Echo barked to alert that a big seizure was happening

He laid on my body to prevent dislocations

During seizures, I have no idea what’s happening. Echo is the reason for my safety and independence when I’m alone or in public

My seizure became a little more aggressive but he stayed regardless and I’m proud of him

I had to cut the video quite a bit because the seizure was longer and the video itself was over 3 hours

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After the outpouring of interest from her first video, Ms Simpson placed cameras around the house to capture other events:

We started putting up cameras in the house since my last seizure. A lot of people requested more seizure content but I hope I never get it.

Today I caught Echo alerting to a POTs episode. This is a heart condition related to VEDS. In all honesty, almost all my conditions are related to VEDS.

It makes me dizzy and sometimes even faint.

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In this third video, Echo again comes to the rescue. This time, he senses that Ms Simpson is suffering anaphylaxis:

I began entering anaphylaxis and I’m so glad Echo chose to get an EpiPen before it got worse

You can see him look back and consider grabbing it before he did

I had been cleaning an old planter that must have been infested with mold – I’m very allergic to molds

Severe allergies is one of many things related to VEDS. You guys requested more videos of him working. I don’t always have seizures (thank God) but I do have other complications sometimes

I was trying really hard to breathe in enough to cough – it almost felt better to cough when my throat started closing up

If I would have known, I would be posting an informative video on how anaphylaxis can start and what it looks like, I definitely would have cleaned my house better!

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In an interview with The Dodo, a site that publishes stories about animals, Ms Simpson describes her close relationship with Echo:

Besides the fact that I love him as a companion, I’ve gained so much independence from having him. My family doesn’t have to worry about me as much as they used to. They always make sure I bring Echo because they know he predicts seizures in ways that they can’t. He’s also my best friend. I really don’t know what I’d do without him. My life would be so different.

We are thankful to Ms Simpson for her informative posts showing Echo in action. Her videos provide highlight the utility of service dogs in protecting their owners from complications that arise from severe medical conditions and show that companions like Echo can help them lead independent lives.

Follow them (@embracingecho) on Instagram.

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Dave Bloom
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