Food Allergy Fund Awards First Repurposing Challenge Grants


The Food Allergy Fund (FAF) is the leading nonprofit dedicated to funding food allergy research. FAF’s grants support the creation of new treatments that will address the root causes of food allergies. Via their groundbreaking research and leadership summits, they accelerate innovation to find solutions.

In the food allergy community, “repurposing grants” have never been offered to study, refine and harness the power of existing FDA-approved drugs for food allergies. FAF has set a precedent and will continue to seek opportunities to repurpose drugs for the prevention of the onset of food allergies, prevention or treatment of food anaphylaxis, or an improved therapeutic for maintaining food allergic tolerance in previously allergic patients.

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At their recent summit, FAF announced the first two recipients of their Repurposing Challenge Grants.

Dr Nicole Ramsey and Dr Maria Lafaille of Mount Sinai received one grant. Here is Dr Ramsey, Instructor of Pediatrics, presenting their work:

Dr Stephanie Eisenbarth and Dr Adam Williams of Northwestern Medicine also received a grant. Here is Dr Eisenbarth, Chief of Allergy and Immunology, presenting their work:

Consider making a contribution to the Food Allergy Fund where 100% of public donations go directly toward funding research into therapies and a cure for food allergies.

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Dave Bloom
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