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Blood Test

Recent Trial of Basophil Activation Test Near 100% Accurate at Diagnosing Nut and Seed...

Will BAT eventually replace Oral Food Challenges?
Blood May Contain

Blood Donor’s Diet Can Trigger Allergic Reactions in Recipients

Research could lead to additional testing on blood donations.
Basophil Among Red Blood Cells

New Device to Bring Much More Precise Allergy Testing to a Lab Near You

Stanford researchers quickly isolate rare, allergen-reactive white blood cells called basophils, using microfluidics and magnets.
Blood Samples

Another Test to Challenge the Oral Food Challenge

A new test is vying to replace the oral food challenge as the gold standard for determining the presence of food allergy.

BAT II Study to Determine Effectiveness of 'Food Challenge in a Test Tube'

The study will compare the accuracy of the Basophil Activation Test to the gold standard.

New Cancer Treatment May Prove Effective Against Food Allergies

FDA approved drug reduced reactivity to airborne allergens 80-90% in a single week.

Study: New Blood Test May Render Food Challenges Obsolete

Food challenge: Low-tech, dangerous, and the only reliable way to test how severely someone may react to an allergen. Until now.