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Join Us: Speak Your Mind to the 11 Legislators Who Voted Against the FASTER...

Sound off and let your legislators know they will be held accountable for ignoring the health and safety of the food allergy community.
FARE at Congress

House Passes FASTER Act for Sesame Labeling, Awaits President’s Signature

Legislation requires that sesame be labeled on packaged foods; prioritizes food allergy research.
US Senate

US Senate Passes FASTER Act, Brings Mandatory Sesame Labeling One Step Closer

S 3451 will add sesame as the ninth major allergen and prioritize food allergy research.
FARE Courage at Congress

US House of Representatives Unanimously Passes FASTER Act, Represents Significant Milestone For Those With...

Bill adds sesame as the ninth major allergen, require the federal government to analyze research opportunities to help develop more effective treatments for food allergy.
US Faster Act

The FASTER Act: What It Does and Why YOU Need to Help Pass It

FARE can't do it alone: Do your part to help pass the FASTER Act.

Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education and Research (FASTER) Act Introduced in House of Representatives

Critical legislation would add sesame as a major allergen; prioritize food allergy research.

FARE Kicks Off Food Allergy Awareness Week 2020 with Activities and Webinars

Announces new content and programming dedicated to raising awareness of food allergy, Extends calendar of events before and beyond May 10-16, 2020
Intranasal Spray

Study: Intranasal Epinephrine Absorbed Faster Than Injection and Even Better with Cold Symptoms

Study compared absorption of epinephrine via nasal spray to that of intramuscular injection.

Children with Food Allergies Seen Faster Under New Pediatric Model

Study shows children with food allergies are seen 10 months sooner and have fewer allergic reactions when treated by a pediatrician in their own community.