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Dr Daniel Christ

Alpha-Gal Syndrome May Be Caused by the Body’s Defense Against Parasites...

Genetic and molecular insights into dangerous tick bite-related meat allergy revealed.
Lone Star Tick Range

Lone Star Tick That Causes Red Meat Allergy Spotted Nearly Everywhere...

Reports of the tick now span almost the entirety of the continental US.
Bacon Sizzling in a Pan

Organ Transplant Company Testing Lab-Made Bacon for People with Alpha-Gal Syndrome

Auto-injectors nearby, alpha-gal sufferers are testing the meat for safety.

Your Primary Care Physician May Have Misconceptions About Alpha-Gal Syndrome

The incidence of alpha-gal syndrome is exploding, yet your PCP may harbor misconceptions that could hinder diagnosis.
Tick Warning

Alpha-Gal: Two Videos About the Meat Allergy You Can ‘Catch’

Two videos valuable in describing the syndrome, one from the patient's perspective, the other by an allergist.

“Vegan” is NOT a Reliable Indicator That a Product is Free...

Vegan claims do not protect you from your allergen of concern.
Meghann Chapman from her Instagram account @freckled_farmerette

Woman Tells the Story of Her Alpha-Gal Syndrome, the Meat Allergy...

Meghann Chapman, a mother of five, tells her story of contracting and living with alpha-gal syndrome.
Lone Star Tick

Report Warns Lone Star Tick and the Meat Allergy it Causes...

In addition to its established range, the Lone Star tick has expanded into the upper midwestern and northeastern US and eastern Canada.
Lone Star Tick

Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Alpha-gal Syndrome, the Meat...

What it is, what it does, how you catch it and how you prevent it.

Not Just Ticks: Allergists Warn that Chigger Bites May Cause Allergic...

In addition to being uncomfortable and annoying, their bites may also cause alpha-gal.