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Jane Lee and Aide

Family Sues San Diego Hospital After Woman with Special Needs Dies...

Jane Lee was non-verbal and could not advocate for herself.
Anna Bellisario

In Memory of Anna Bellisario

Supposed vegan meal contained traces of milk and egg.
Aly West

In Memory of Aly West

Another young life lost to anaphylaxis.
Craig McKinnon and Jess Prinsloo

Woman Suffers Fatal Anaphylaxis After Using the Wrong Spoon to Stir...

Perished just four days after her engagement.
Emerson and Her Dad

In Memory of Emerson Kate Cole

This tragedy is a time for the entire community to take stock.
Ruben Bousquet

Mom, Who Lost Son to Anaphylaxis from Movie Popcorn, Spearheads Campaign...

"Judith's Wish" is a campaign calling for stricter allergen labeling in the UK
Omar Osman

Anaphylaxis Takes Life of College Freshman with Nut Allergy, a Standout...

Omar was known as a top student who wanted to give back to his community.
Lorna McMurrey

Worker Died from Anaphylaxis/Asthma After Inhalation of Cannabis Dust

Lorna McMurrey was working the late shift at a Trulieve facility.
Preparing a Burrito

What We Learned from the Joe Dobson Inquest

Teen died from anaphylaxis after eating a burrito tainted with sesame while on vacation in Mexico.