New Book Teaches Children About Food Allergies


We’re pleased to announce the publication of a new book geared toward teaching young children about food allergies. Nurse Teddy Bear Learns About Food Allergies by Ann Lempert Deutsch, RN, MSN, NJCSN, walks a young child through her first day at school introducing important concepts that children and parents need to know.

Deutsch draws upon her years of experience as an elementary school nurse in Northern New Jersey to present the serious matter of reactions and anaphylaxis in an informative, non-threatening manner. The illustrations provided by her students with food allergies relate the material in a way that is accessible to preschoolers and elementary school children alike.

The book includes a section for parents, teachers and school administrators that provides guidelines and resources to help safeguard children with food allergies. We are proud that is cited as both a reference for the book and a resource for parents and schools.

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