Another Epinephrine Auto-Injector Co-Pay Assistance Option

There is another option that was not explicitly mentioned in the article by FARE that might help defray much of the consumer cost for epinephrine auto-injectors.

In addition to the $0 copay offers from the brand name auto-injector manufacturers, there is a similar $0 copay program for the generic version of the Adrenaclick© auto-injector manufactured by Lineage Therapeutics. As this is a generic auto-injector, the initial cost of the product may be less than the brand name options, and if you have prescription coverage, your co-pay may be lower/reimbursement rate higher. Combined with the $0 Co-pay offer, this may prove to be a more cost-effective solution for your family.

Remember, there are restrictions so please read the offer details carefully.

To see more about the generic offer, click here.

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