CA Stock Epinephrine Bill Signed into Law


Congratulations to the people of California with the signing of SB 1266 into law by Governor Brown!

The bill, sponsored by State Senator Bob Huff, makes the stocking of epinephrine mandatory for school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools as well as the training of personnel to administer the drug in cases of suspected anaphylaxis.

The children of California will be much safer once this law takes effect throughout the state, as epinephrine will be readily available for use in cases of  severe allergic reactions regardless of whether the child has been diagnosed with a food allergy and has been prescribed an auto-injector.

Special recognition is due the Executive Committee of California Advocates for Food Allergies (CAFA) who were instrumental in building grass roots support for the bill. Thanks to the efforts of Connie Green, Sharon Wong, Lori Fletcher, Caroline Chen and Brian Hom, California schools will be much safer.

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Dave Bloom
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