Cyrus Moassessi Supports the Men of Food Allergies


In celebration of International Men’s Day, Cyrus Moassessi – son of celebrated food allergy blogger and activist Caroline Moassessi of The Grateful Foodie blog – has published a Facebook page celebrating the Men of Food Allergies.

Cyrus describes his work this way:

For this years celebration of IMD I am creating a Facebook page that has the purpose of celebrating men who take part in their child’s health and/or make a difference in their community, in regards to Food Allergies and Asthma. On this page my goal is to have a number of either videos or Q&A style tips and features that will be posted on an hourly basis.

Though the vast majority of advocates in the field of food allergies are women, Cyrus takes a day out to focus the spotlight on men and in doing so provides encouragement for men to join the cause.

Cyrus asked each nominee to respond to three questions:

  • What and who inspired you to be involved in food allergies?
  • Describe how you are involved or how you make a difference in your community.
  • What piece of advice or encouragement can you give to men and boys to take part in their child’s health, and those around them?

The results provide insight into how these men became engaged as advocates and what they’re doing to help families coping with food allergies.

Click to see The International Men of Food Allergies

We thank Cyrus and welcome him to the International Men of Food Allergies Club for his hard work encouraging men to get involved!

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