How YOU Can Honor the Memory of BJ Hom


Readers of our blog are familiar with the Hom family, who lost their son and brother BJ to anaphylaxis more than seven years ago. His passing portended a trend of anaphylaxis-related tragedies that has accelerated since then, coinciding with the meteoric rise of the incidence of food allergies.

In memory of BJ Hom, Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) is sponsoring the FAACT California Bay Area Walk/Run for Food Allergies, with all proceeds raised from the event to support FAACT’s education and advocacy initiatives as well as Stanford’s Sean N Parker Center for Allergy Research.

There’s still time to register for the October 3 event if you plan to be nearby and would like to participate. You can also make a donation in memory of BJ or to honor that special someone in your family coping with food allergies by clicking here.

Given the recent spate of reports of teen deaths due to anaphylaxis these past weeks, we urge you to step up your contributions to help organizations like FAACT continue their education and outreach on behalf of the 15 million Americans suffering from food allergy.


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