Must Read: Allergic Living Interview with Dr Scott Sicherer


We at often refer to Dr Scott Sicherer, the Chief of the Division of Allergy and Immunology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and a foremost authority on the subject of food allergy. We highly recommend the new, extensively updated edition of his book, Food Allergies: A Complete Guide for Eating When Your Life Depends On It, as a vital reference for those coping with the disease.
Likewise, Allergic Living Magazine is an informative resource we recommend for families coping with food allergies. Dr Sicherer is a columnist with the magazine in which he often addresses topical issues.

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The article published yesterday on Allergic Living’s website entitled, Allergist Scott Sicherer Tackles the Crucial Food Allergy Questions, is a must-read interview conducted by editor Gwen Smith with Dr Sicherer in which he addresses many of the topics our readers have on their minds, including:

  • How parents can help their kids can get past the fears they might have about administering an auto-injector;
  • Whether a child that is allergic to one legume, like peanut or soybean, is likely to be allergic to related foods like peas or beans;
  • Whether a child that reacts to dairy is likely to react to beef;
  • Whether egg allergy means one is allergic to the yolk, the white, or both;
  • Whether a cashew allergy means one can expect issues with other foods in the family, such as mangoes and pink peppercorns;
  • The prevalence of mild reactive symptoms vs anaphylaxis;
  • Insights into the LEAP study and the early introduction of allergens;

We encourage you to read the article, subscribe to Allergic Living, and keep a copy of Dr Sicherer’s book handy!

Note of Disclosure: the author subscribes to Allergic Living and his daughter has been a patient of Dr Sicherer and his practice at Mount Sinai. The author received no compensation or consideration for the above endorsements.
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