Non-Allergic Boy Accidentally Injects Self with EpiPen During Health Class


An 11 year-old boy participating in a lesson on allergies, emergencies and the immune system at McDevitt Middle School in Waltham, Massachusetts, accidentally injected himself with an EpiPen Tuesday.
Though the lesson was intended to teach students how to properly administer an epinephrine auto-injector, the students were supposed to be using EpiPen trainers which do not contain either a needle or the drug.
The boy, who himself does not have allergies, was rushed to nearby Newton-Wellesley Hospital where he was immediately administered an electrocardiogram (EKG) upon arrival. Medical professionals confirmed his heart rate was accelerated, which is an expected and intended effect of epinephrine.

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The school’s principal, Michael Sabin, sent the following letter home to parents:

Dear McDevitt Families,
I am writing with an update on a health situation that took place here at school today. During a lesson in health class about allergies, emergencies and the immune system, students were learning about EpiPens. As part of this lesson, students use an EpiPen Trainer. Unfortunately a real EpiPen was accessed by a student during the lesson, and the student was injected with epinephrine.
The student was seen by the doctor and is at home resting and should fully recover soon. We are investigating this specific incident and reviewing our school-wide safety procedures to ensure that this type of incident does not take place again.
I want to emphasize and reassure all families that the safety of your children is my number one priority at all times. Please contact me in the main office if you have any questions.
With appreciation,
Principal Sabin

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