Study: The Effect of OIT in Severe Milk, Peanut and Egg Allergy in Adults


According to a study we reported on in October, nearly half of all adults with food allergies developed them as adults. Despite that fact, we routinely receive feedback from readers frustrated with the pace of research given that the majority of clinical trials seem to be focused on children.
Rest assured, there is research being done to determine how immunotherapies can benefit adults.
A study in Helsinki, Finland that kicked off in August has just begun recruiting participants. The aim of the trial is to analyze the effectiveness of oral immunotherapy (OIT) in adults with severe milk, peanut, and egg allergies.

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The study will follow the progress of adult participants 18 to 70 years of age. 30 patients with milk allergy, 30 patients with peanut allergy and 30 patients with egg allergy will be recruited, all of whom will be treated with OIT.
Before being accepted into the trial, a diagnosis of food allergy will be verified with positive history, skin prick test, and the presence of egg and milk allergen specific IgE antibodies. Food allergy will be verified with an open label (milk allergy) or blind (peanut and egg allergy) allergen specific oral food challenge.
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The trial will record quality of life, anxiety and patient history data collected via questionnaire. All patients will undergo spirometry with a bronchodilatator test, exhaled nitric oxide test and a methacholine challenge before and a year after oral immunotherapy and all participants undergoing OIT will be prescribed emergency medication such as antihistamine tablets, prednisolon tablets, epinephrine auto-injectors and salbutamol or terbutaline inhalator.
We look forward to reporting on the progress of this clinical trial as well as other trials aimed at both adults and children.

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Dave Bloom
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