Netflix's 'Rotten' Documentary to Feature Episode Dedicated to Food Allergy


Our Manufacturer Partnership members Enjoy Life Foods and The Safe + Fair Food Company as well as Auvi-Q and Spokin invite you to an exclusive screening of an episode of the new Netflix documentary Rotten. Created by the team behind Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and The Mind of a Chef, the six-part series takes a critical look at the food industry and its impact on our lives.

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The episode, entitled The Peanut Problem, brings awareness to the surge in the prevalence of food allergies and the people working behind the scenes to combat it. The episode features world-renowned allergy and asthma researcher, Dr Ruchi Gupta of Northwestern University and Lurie Children’s Hospitals, as well as Susie Hultquist, founder of Spokin.
Here’s Netflix’s trailer for the documentary series:

The screening will take place at Chicago’s Davis Theater January 11 at 6:30PM. Click here to register.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
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  1. Just heard about this upcoming release. I’m a little dubious it will value drama over accuracy and the trailer at least seems to conflate causes of allergies with the evil pursuit of profit (I can hear the “everything is Monsanto’s fault!” cries now.) I’ll reserve judgment til I see it but the trailer makes me skeptical.


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