SNL’s Colin Jost Supports End Allergies Together (EAT) with Video in Lieu of Live Appearance


Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost was scheduled to headline End Allergies Together’s Fifth Anniversary Gala this evening, but the event was canceled due to… you guessed it, the pandemic.

The star did go on to record a video asking for your support of EAT, whose mission is to accelerate treatments and cures for the growing food allergy epidemic. You can see the video here:

Half the donations collected in advance will go toward EAT’s core goal of funding research and half will go to NY Common Pantry to purchase Top 9 allergy-friendly foods urgently needed for COVID-19 relief.

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EAT is working to advance scientific and medical research to accelerate diagnostics, treatments, cures and prevention of food allergy. The funding they provide is used to:

  • understand underlying immune mechanisms
  • determine genetic and epigenetic factors of food allergy prevalence
  • discover the role of the microbiome in food allergy
  • understand basic biology to surface key targets for breakthrough treatments
  • identify and accelerate short-term therapies to increase the quality of life in patient subsets

Please do your part and donate to EAT to help fund research into treatments and a cure. You can do so by clicking here.

Source: Colin Jost YouTube Appeal — End allergies Together
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Dave Bloom
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