Parents: Join This Study and Have Your Experience Further Understanding of Food Allergies


Free to Feed is an organization that helps parents navigate food reactivity with a focus on early feeding. They bring evidence-based research to bear on a field that has traditionally been driven by anecdotal and unsubstantiated advice.

Led by Dr Trillitye Paullin, PhD, Free to Feed is conducting a study to better understand the challenges and experiences of parents with food-reactive children, including those with food allergy, food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) and food protein-induced allergic proctocolitis (FPAIP).

Parents/legal guardians of individuals who had a history of food reactivity or a suspected food allergy or intolerance at 5-years-old or younger — regardless of how old they are now — are urged to participate.

Despite the high prevalence of food allergies and other adverse food reactions, there is a significant gap between the number of parental-reported cases and the number of diagnoses made by healthcare providers. By participating in this survey, your experience will help to fill that gap.

Here is Dr Trill explaining the need for you to participate:

Please visit to learn more and sign up.

About Free to Feed:

Free to Feed helps parents navigate food reactivity by providing research, resources, and products built to empower early feeding journeys.  Their team of scientists and medical professionals are also food allergy warriors dedicated to improving the quality of life for their community.  Over the past four years, they have created an educational support package, tracking app, personal consultations, an allergy friendly postnatal multivitamin, and more.  Free to Feed’s team is working hard towards launching an at-home test kit that will allow parents to analyze human milk for allergens.

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