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Older Individuals Suffer More Severe Anaphylaxis with Medications a Frequent Trigger

The trigger for anaphylaxis was found to change significantly with age.
Antibiotics and Acid Suppressants

One-Third of Patients with a Drug Allergy Don’t Follow Up with...

Testing negative means better options for treatment.
Sara Ashworth

Nurse, Who Suffered Anaphylaxis During Migraine Treatment, is Saved by Hospital...

Life-threatening reactions can occur at any time whether or not you have been diagnosed with an allergy.
Antibiotics and Acid Suppressants

Study Finds Drugs Including Anti-Microbials and NSAIDs Leading Causes of Anaphylaxis

The findings may be counter-intuitive to some, especially during this time of increasing rates of food allergy.
Sharon Anne Robinson

Medical Records, a Drug Allergy and a Death from Anaphylaxis

A complicated medical history led to the woman's death.

Allergy in Early Childhood Increases Risk for ADHD Later in Life

The retrospective study analyzed the records of over 230,000 children.
Pregnant Woman with IV

Nurse Stripped of License After Pregnant Woman Suffers Anaphylaxis Due to...

The chart of the woman hospitalized with hyperemesis listed her allergy to the drug administered by the nurse.
Jane Seymour SAG

Former Bond Girl, Actress Jane Seymour Describes Her ‘Death’ Due to...

"Apparently, according to the doctors, I did die."