Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.
Alexcia Yannone and Nickolas O'Rourke

Kids Receive Awards for Saving Mom’s Life from Anaphylaxis

Two children have been lauded for their calm, decisive action in the face of a dire emergency.
Dillon Mueller

Dillon Mueller’s Parents Working to Make Epinephrine More Accessible Nationwide

The Muellers are working to advance what they call "Dillon's Law 2.0".
Holiday SSG

Allergy-Friendly Holiday Products Specific to Your Dietary Restrictions!

Chock-full of allergy-friendly Christmas and Chanukkah themed gifts and sweets!
AllerSmart IgE

IgE Allergy Test for Top 9 Food Allergens Now Available for At-Home and Clinic...

Screen for allergies to foods and 29 common environmental allergens.

2021 Holiday Safe Snack Guide in Peanut/Tree Nut, Milk, Sesame, and Gluten-Free Editions!

With tons of Christmas and Chanukkah themed products!
Peta Hickey

What We Learned from the Peta Hickey Inquest

"The snapshot provided by this inquest has revealed an industry putting profits over patients."
Undeclared Allergens

A Case Study of How Undeclared Allergens Contaminate Our Food Supply

What you don't know regarding food manufacturing CAN hurt you if you are allergic.
Ben and EpiPens

Who Benefits Most from Pfizer’s $345M EpiPen Price Gouging Settlement? Not You

One-third of the total award will go to the law firms that represented consumers in the suit.
CHOP Dupilumab Study

CHOP Receives $2M Philanthropic Gift to Launch Food Allergy Study Using Dupilumab

"A successful clinical trial would open the possibility of food introduction to more than 3,500 CHOP patients with EoE."
Clare McGuire BEFORE the Incident

Not Just Foods: Woman’s Eyebrow Wax and Tint Leads to Biphasic Anaphylaxis

"I thought I looked like Quasimodo and my sons told me I looked like the Elephant Man."