Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

Wheat OIT Shows Potential for Children in Small Study

Study provides insight into the effectiveness of oral immunotherapy for wheat allergy.
Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison: Study Indicates Fire Ant Invasion May Be Keeping Meat Allergy at...

The plot is reminiscent of the 1964 Japanese epic "Mothra vs Godzilla".
Viaskin Patch

Will the Viaskin “Patch” Therapy for Peanut Allergy be Approved Soon? The Company is...

Company is restructuring in anticipation of delays.
Handcuffs and Jail

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Attempting to Stab Officer with EpiPen

An example of incorrect use of an auto-injector.
Ingredient Label

Why Allergens are Being Intentionally Added to Foods

A trend we predicted in 2016 continues.
Food Manufacturing

The Food Industry Shares Responsibility for the FDA’s Recent Guidance Relaxing Ingredient Labeling

They've abandoned the food allergy community during a time when we rely on them the most.

Update: Zeneo, the Needle-Free Auto-Injector (with Videos)

Progress toward emergency epinephrine delivery via auto-injector WITHOUT the needle.
Jasmine Steinwand and Brutus

Allergy Service Dog Helps Woman Graduate College and Receives Award

How many dogs do you know have attended college and received an award?
Tessa Perez

Mom, Who Turned 11-Year-Old Tessa’s Death from Anaphylaxis into Life for Six Others, Hears...

Tessa died after eating a candy bar that triggered anaphylaxis. Her legacy lives on in the lives of others.