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Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) has issued a press release announcing a new resource site devoted to diners with food allergies.

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“Might downloading a 50-cent coupon for Cheerios cost you legal rights?” So begins an article in today’s New York Times that should give consumers pause, especially those with special dietary concerns.

The article highlights a new tactic being employed by General Mills and other major food producers. These firms are quietly rolling out new ‘Terms of Service’ on their websites and social media properties that limit your right to sue if you ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ them, download their coupons, or join their mailing lists.

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Wink Frozen Desserts has opted to withdraw from the Manufacturer Partnership Program.

Manufacturers that join our partnership disclose their processing of 11 allergens via our portal and commit to keeping their information up-to-date. In return they gain listings in the Safe Snack Guide and future publications for all their qualifying products.

As we no longer have an agreement in place with Wink, we have removed their products from the Guide.

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AL-US-COVER-SPR2014We’re excited to learn that Allergic Living has published their Spring 2014 Edition! We at are big fans, especially the articles related to food allergies and celiac disease.

This edition has a number of articles of particular interest to the food allergy community, including:

  • The controversy over milk allergy in schools;
  • The combination of oral immunotherapy with an asthma drug to reduce food induced reactions much faster than OIT alone;
  • A new celiac blood test;
  • FARE’s new program targeting allergy accommodation at colleges;
  • Q&A with their food allergy experts;
  • Allergy-friendly recipes to add some excitement and variety to mealtimes.

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Kissing Bunnies

Spring is in the air and that means Easter is just around the corner! Time for the Easter Edition of the Safe Snack Guide! This update has an entire page of peanut and tree nut-free Easter goodies, with many egg-free as well.

You’ll also find coupons and giveaways from Don’t Go Nuts, Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, Ian’s Natural Foods, WowButter, Sweet Alexis, and Allergic Solution!

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Connor DonaldsonOnce again, a child’s death caused by anaphylaxis is receiving attention in the media, this time in the UK. The loss is yet another in a long line of horrific, preventable tragedies, but there are lessons to be learned from the details of the child’s exposure and the subsequent attempts at first aid.

Connor Donaldson, a 12 year-old boy from Greater Manchester with severe asthma and a severe peanut allergy, died October 19, 2013 after ingesting a few bites of curry the family had taken out from a nearby restaurant.

His mother had discussed the allergy with a staff member of the restaurant over the phone prior to ordering. She was assured that their dishes would contain no peanuts.

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Gourmet NewsMainstream publications serving the food and beverage industry are beginning to turn their attention to the issue of food allergies. We noted a previous article describing our Manufacturer Partnership Program and Safe Snack Guide in Food Navigator-USA last month. This time, Gourmet News, a publication dedicated to the Gourmet industry, is highlighting the issue.

This month’s edition features two front page articles intended to provide coverage and raise awareness within the industry. We’re proud to announce that founder, Debra Bloom, features prominently in both.

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HolidayHillThe food allergy community was abuzz last week with the news that Mary Baxley, a paraprofessional at Holiday Hill Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida, received a 10-day suspension for bringing peanut butter cookies to celebrate a student’s birthday in a peanut-free classroom. But what should parents of children with food allergies learn from the incident?

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Pretzel!We are pleased to announce a number of new additions to the Safe Snack Guide.

New Category

We have added a new category entitled ‘Frozen Entrees / Appetizers / Sides / Desserts‘ which will provide many new options to busy families that must also cope with food allergies.

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