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As you may know, only eight major food ingredients are covered under FALCPA, the act of congress that establishes rules for the disclosure of allergens on a product’s label. FALCPA has many deficiencies, among them the small number of allergens it covers.

There is currently a petition circulating on the White House website to expand the allergens covered by FALCPA to include sesame seeds and mustard seeds, two common food ingredients that can cause severe reactions including anaphylaxis. We are asking all our readers to please sign the petition by visiting this petition link. With your help, people with allergies to these ingredients will be afforded better protection with more complete allergen disclosure on food labels.

If you are interested in learning more about FALCPA, see our article: 5 Things You Should Know About Food Labels. Our expansive snack guide, which lists snacks that are all sesame seed free as well as peanut, tree nut and egg free, can be found by clicking here.

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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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  1. We support this bill to ensure the safety of children who face unfortunate food allergies.

  2. We have a great-nephew with severe food allergies. We believe more foods need added to labels to prevent Eli from dying. His parents are very diligent but without proper labeling something could slip by them causing Eli death or severe health problems. Right now he is an amazing, adorable active 1 year old with no limitations but the food he eats. He should outgrow these allergies if the specific foods are kept away from him for the next two-three years. We support the bill to increase labeling of processed foods. Karen and Chuck Malone

  3. I want ALL ingredients in an item to be listed on the label. There are more and more people with Chemical Sensitivites and severe Allergies who need that to make informed choices. People are ill and some die because of this. IT has to be changed. NO MORE “natural flavorings” or “natural ingredients” on the lists…..tell us what IS IN IT. Also, where is it made, where do the ingredients come from????? NOT just where it’s DISTRIBUTED. We have taken steps backwards in this area and it has to stop. PLEASE make the FDA and other groups set up and paid for by consumers…..PROTECT US!! Between PINK SLIME added to meats, GMO altered foods, hidden ingredients in our foods, toiletries and health care products…..we have NO CHANCE.
    HELP PLEASE. Thank you.

  4. I wanted to join petition, but the link no longer works. Any chance you are going to start one again? My 2 year old was just diagnosed with tree nuts and sesame seed / all seed allergy. I would to help if you are.


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