Going Mainstream: Gourmet News Devotes Front Page to Food Allergies


Mainstream publications serving the food and beverage industry are beginning to turn their attention to the issue of food allergies. We noted a previous article describing our Manufacturer Partnership Program and Safe Snack Guide in Food Navigator-USA last month. This time, Gourmet News, a publication dedicated to the Gourmet industry, is highlighting the issue.

This month’s edition features two front page articles intended to provide coverage and raise awareness within the industry. We’re proud to announce that SnackSafely.com founder, Debra Bloom, features prominently in both.

The first, entitled: “Specialty Food Companies Step Up to the Plate as Food Allergies on the Rise among U.S. Consumers”, spells out the alarming statistics regarding the exploding incidence of food allergy. The article  goes on to tell Debra’s story about the discovery of her daughter’s food allergies, the resistance she encountered from the other parents in her daughter’s school, and the genesis of the Safe Snack Guide.

The second article highlights Enjoy Life Foods, a member of the SnackSafely.com Manufacturer Program. Joel Warady, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, provides insight into the founding of Enjoy Life and the firm’s extensive product line which is free of the top eight allergens and gluten. [You can find all of Enjoy Life’s products in the Safe Snack Guide.]

Click here to view this edition of the Gourmet News in it’s entirety.

Source: Gourmet News – April 2014 Edition
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Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom
Dave Bloom is CEO and "Blogger in Chief" of SnackSafely.com.

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